Hey, nice to have you here on my page! GET TO KNOW ME!

I was Born on 27th of July, raised all over the USA, living in Chicago Now. Traveled 3 years through Central America with my parents at 15 years old, I love to travel. I have been in the industry for 13 years. I am Single and enjoying life. I am a bisexual GamerGirl and absolutely love Smoking Marijuana, Feet fetishes and cooking. My favorite foods are Sushi, Im addicted to fruits, a good BBQ, and - of course - all kinds of sausages. ;-) I love to be creative by painting, singing and dancing . My favorite gifts are perfume, designer hand bags, Gaming equipment and generous tips.

Make A Gamers Wish Cum True

ALL gifts are obbsessed over!💖

My Story on How did I became a CamModel

In 2010 I planned my career as a hairstylist and makeup artist and signed up for Cosmetology School in my hometown in LasVegas. The night before my first day of class I was involved in a scary car accident which left me with fractures in my right hand, two discs out of place in my back and glass embedded into me feet. I instantly knew my dream of being a stylist was over. IM NO QUITTER, so I made it half-way through school before I was presented with another roadblock. Everyother day I Would leave school early, travel across town & get therapy for my injuries. Eventually the schools people contacted me and gave me 2 options. Be expelled or drop out and comeback later. Worst options EVER!...

...Not being able to work labor jobs and not having the education I needed to take care of myself Challenged me for sure. Webcam modeling was still hush hush when I started out as Hon3y33 the BBW Cammodel. I always wanted to be my own boss, and webcamming sounded perfect for me. I'm a go getter! I love to interact with likeminded people! I have always been a sensual woman, affectionate, 100% genuine and my playful sex appeal always shines which makes me stand out! I'm a LIONESS!! A Muse for your Fantasies!

I am excited for and confident in the new content that I will be unleashing everyday! Professional Photo Shoots, New High Quality Boy/Girl and Solo Videos of course! Live Gaming and Elite CamShows! There's no need for you to have "wetdreams" when you've got IJS...😊GET INTO ME

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